• The ONLY e-Marketing Tool PROVEN to Get You More Appointments.
    The ONLY
    Digital Marketing System
    PROVEN to Get You
    More Appointments.
  • Our Patented e-Storyboards Generate Triple Times MORE Leads than Newsletters!
    Our Patented e-Storyboards
    Generate Triple Times MORE Leads
    than Newsletters!
  • The Only Digital Marketing System that Continually Uncovers NEW PROSPECTS for YOU!
    The Only Digital Marketing System that
    Continually Uncovers
  • Created by Real Advisors to Deliver REAL RESULTS!
    Created by
    Real Advisors to Deliver

Your Complete Fintech Digital Marketing System

e-Relationship is your 24/7 digital marketing assistant allowing you to stay in touch with clients and prospects without spending hours at your computer.

Our multi-touch digital marketing suite consists of automated email marketing, automated social-media marketing and advisor website development services. e-Relationship provides an all-in-one solution at the fraction of the cost. Everything is bundled so you can maximum your success and schedule new appointments.

email marketing prewritten content social media advisor websites
compliance approved dynamic content library

Compliance-approved content created by experienced advisors to deliver targeted results!

A library of pre-built, tested, compliance-approved email communication messages are ready at your fingertips. As a leading provider of technology-driven email communication tools for clients and prospects of banks, insurance companies and financial services companies, e-Relationship isn’t just a global fintech leader — it’s the benchmark.

Our dynamic content library consists of 16 content types that will make the biggest positive shift in your ability to make more appointments with prospects and clients.

No other e-marketing tool on the planet
does more for financial professionals
than e-Relationship!

Full integration with your existing contact databases

e-Relationship's seamless apps and integrations help you grow your contact list, increase visibility and prospect attraction. Integrating your contacts from across your various platforms for use with e-Relationship is a snap with our built-in Contact Grabber! Send notes and leads to Redtail and track all email and social engagements in our advanced history & response dashboard. Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, Redtail, MSN/Hotmail, Outlook, AOL, Salesforce, EBIX SmartOffice,

e-relationship redtail e-relationship salesforce e-relationship gmail e-relationship ebixsmartoffice
e-Relationship Marketing automation

Just Say "Go"!

Clients forget what you do and prospects do not know. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to stay in contact with your clients and prospects! With e-Relationship, you can set your annual automated email marketing strategy and be stress free knowing you are remaining top-of-mind and in continual contact with your clients, prospects, and Centers of Influence.

A wide variety of pre-written content — all categorized into 100-plus different areas of interest — is just a click away. Automate your year or send emails manually at any time without limit ... or both! And, with a 5 to 10% response rate, your e-Relationship database is a proven revenue generator!

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