Prospects expect you to reach out 7 times before they grant you an appointment.

With our 16 automated connections to clients and prospects per year, set up your annual relationship-building system once and spend the rest of the year scheduling new appointments! Content is refreshed yearly. Just populate your database with clients and new prospects and e-Relationship will do the rest.

Add in the ability to send extra connections at any time with no limit, and saying "no" to appointments will be your new problem.


Maximize Your Results with
Laser-Precise History Tracking and Analytics

History and Responses Module Engagement Report and a HOT LEAD LIST!

advanced analytics reporting kpis

Every e-Relationship account comes equipped with a built-in marketing feedback system for fine-tuning your connection strategy to maximize your marketing effectiveness. Our advanced history analytics goes beyond just helping you remember what you sent. The Advanced KPI dashboard shows what topics and content your prospects engage with most and which contacts show the most interest so you can prioritize the easiest openings for new appointments! In-depth reporting also includes opens, click throughs, request for information rates, response history, and social media interactions. You can even print a “hot list” of your most engaged prospects to easily call. Our engagement report makes it easy for you to send targeted messages to top clients.



double your comission with agent recruiting



Real-Time Leads via Text Message and Email

Optimize Your Time for Success

Feedback to mailings is instant! Leads and responses are sent in real time giving you the power to call on hot leads immediately. A recent study stated that not following up on a lead within four hours results in failed success. e-Relationship helps you avoid this mistake wtih real-time tracking.