How and Why
e-Relationship® Works:

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Build Connections, Increase Appointments!

e-Relationship helps your business create a unique, intriguing, and trustworthy brand image to attract prospects. Your clients and prospects expect a robust mixture of digital content that is quick, valuable, and personal. So, we have created a variety of structured communication modules that work together to create magic! By means of automated marketing campaigns you remain top-of-mind and in continual contact with your clients, prospects, and Centers of Influence.

Increase visibility, prospect attraction, and likability

People do business with people, not companies. Before making an appointment, they need to know, like and trust you. e-Relationship is dedicated to branding you, not your company and generating immediate responses, leads and appointments.


Increase cross-selling and client loyalty

e-Relationship helps you identify the needs and wants of your clients and prospects. Relationships are built and strengthened via the automatic delivery of several ‘touchpoints’ throughout the year. Each ‘touchpoint’ is a personal and compelling message received directly from the advisor.


Populate Your Contact List and Send an Automatic Introduction Message

Start by populating and categorizing your database. Connect your CRM (including Redtail, Salesforce and Ebix) or use our single-button import option to add names to your account. People will actually reply with a ”Thank You” email!


Review and Activate Your Automatic Email Marketing Campaign Strategy

Review and confirm your predefined targeted automatic email marketing strategy or edit to create your own. Eighteen default settings are applied to your account creating a simple set-it-and-forget-it automatic marketing campaign. While your prospects and clients are busy living their lives, your e-Relationship drip marketing system is constantly building your stellar reputation as a friendly, knowledgeable and trusted advisor.


Follow Up on Real-Time Leads and Book Appointments

Feedback to mailings is instant! When receiving messages or requests for more information, you will be prompted to respond instantaneously. Review your advanced history and engagement reports to turn a lead into an appointment and sale!


Continuous Marketing Coaching, Customer Service and Support

Enjoy unmatched customer support: live phone calls and email, and a vast library of helpful resources including how-to videos, tested sales scripts and branding event ideas that prove successful time after time. Materials even explain the psychology behind their success.