Pre-Approach e-Videos


e-Videos can boost email clicks by as much as 300% — so begin setting yourself apart from everyone else in your industry today with this engagement powerhouse! In addition to our compliance-approved videos you can also upload and send your own videos and URL’s whenever you like!

One-Minute Pre-Approach e-Videos are the ticket to one-on-one time with an immensely desirable prospect! Simply call ahead and tell them you would like to send them a one-minute video on a topic you believe they’ll find interesting. All at around 60 seconds, each video plays directly in the recipient’s email — so they are not taken to another web page. Your prospect sees your picture, contact info and logo all while viewing your video, and can provide immediate feedback on a list of topics that is ever growing.

Some viewers will give feedback; others will not. Call regardless [within one day]. If they haven’t viewed it, suggest that you resend it. Playfully twist his or her arm to allocate one minute to view the subject, emphasizing that you think it will be beneficial to them.


The landing page is branded with your photo and logo further emphasizing your value and credibility! Each video features a feedback look to capture responses.




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